Pampilhosa da Serra, in the territory of the “Aldeias do Xisto”, hosts the European Downhill Championship (DHI), from 2 to 5 May. The qualifying and final are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday respectively, but the action begins in the previous days with all technical and administrative procedures.

It is the second consecutive year in which the European Cycling Union awards the Portuguese Cycling Federation the organization of this competition, which will have as its main partners ADXTUR and the Municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra, a municipality that replaces Lousã as a point of welcome for the hundreds of expected participants.

The presentation of the event happened in the space of the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra in the Tourism Lisbon’s Exhibition. “In addition to all the characteristics related to nature, in Pampilhosa da Serra we have conditions for sports practice above the average, which will allow professionals to perform well in the championship,” said Jorge Custódio, vice president of Pampilhosa City Hall, at the presentation, where he did not hide the “satisfaction” due to the fact that Portugal welcomed the performance of this event for the second consecutive year, this time in Pampilhosa da Serra.

According to Rui Simão, Executive Secretary of ADXTUR – Tourism Development Agency of the “Aldeias do Xisto”, the commitment to continue the organization of this European Championship, reflects the “reputation” and “credit” that the Portuguese Cycling Federation has managed to create at the international level, with regard to the organization of elite sporting events. Rui Simão also highlighted the “technical and reception” set of conditions that the municipality has been able to implement, both within the framework of the Aldeias do Xisto project and other ways, which make Pampilhosa da Serra “one of the territories of interior with better infrastructures and equipment for the practice of sports modalities of open air “.

Also Delmino Pereira, President of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, stressed that it is at the junction of the best of two worlds that lies the great value of this initiative. “On the one hand, we are an internationally recognized entity with capacities to organize European championships and, at the same time, the territory of the Aldeias do Xisto has excellent conditions for practicing extreme sports.”

The sports official also explained that the success of a test of this dimension extends far beyond the days of competition proper, since there are “many athletes and international teams who have come to our territory to train and spend seasons, throughout the region of the Aldeias do Xisto, from Lousã to Pampilhosa da Serra “. This is the “impact and potential of the region on the level of sports tourism at the international level,” he added.

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