Aldeias do Xisto – An active destination

The Aldeias do Xisto (Schist Villages) are the gateway to a diversified range of tourism and leisure opportunities in close contact with nature and the region’s culture. This unique landscape in Portugal is the setting for some of the country’s best infrastructure for active tourism, including Mountain Biking  Trail running, canoeing and climbing. The culture of “sport for all” and the quality of the facilities and information available in Aldeias do Xisto offer the opportunity to practice a whole range of sports, for both amateur and professional enthusiasts. Whether you want a relaxing stroll or to test your physical and technical limits, there will always be a trail waiting for you and specialized services to support you.

Bookinxisto, a fair-trade booking platform

Aldeias do Xisto have a wide and diverse range of accommodation, restaurants and tourist entertainment companies, with services offering direct contact with the territory, its landscapes, its food, secrets and people. Go to to book a room, a meal or an experience easily and securely.

Bookinxisto is an online bookings platform exclusive to Aldeias do Xisto, created with the support of the Centro 2020 programme, which brings multiservice together and operates on a fair trade basis – i.e. no fees or brokers. The full price of the bookings, guaranteed to be the lowest on the market, goes directly to the local partners. It is therefore the best website to visit if you’re looking for accommodation, local attractions and restaurants in the 27 Aldeia do Xisto.

Bookinxisto is available worldwide at the VisitPortugal website.

Aldeias do Xisto have recently been awarded international prizes, such as a Travellers’ Choice Awards by Trip Advisor, and a World Luxury Hotel Award. They have also received the Oxygen award, which every year rewards best environmental and community engagement practices.

Aldeias do Xisto, a bike friendly destination

Aldeias do Xisto are deeply associated with cycling culture enhancing the area’s reputation as a bike friendly destination. The Cyclin’ Portugal project confirms the Aldeias do Xisto as Portugal’s premier destination of excellence for competitive and recreational cycling, with its combination of quality infrastructure, competitive and recreational events, and tourism programmes and services specifically targeted to cyclists.

The calendar for 2019 includes the following events:

Mountain bikers will be amazed by the trails at all levels of difficulty based around the Mountain Bike Centres. Implemented in Portugal for the first time by Aldeias do Xisto, these permanent sports infrastructures offer networks of mountain biking trails and reception areas kitted out with equipment dedicated exclusively to mountain biking enthusiasts. The Centres offer internationally approved CrossCountry, DownHill or FreeRide trails at varying levels of difficulty, suitable for all types of users.

Many accommodation partners in the Aldeias do Xisto are Bikotel certified, another innovation brought to Portugal by Aldeias do Xisto. Bikotel is accommodation complying with good practice in hosting cyclists, reflected in a range of services designed specially to meet the needs of those for whom cycling is the most important thing in the world.

As a territory with abundant water , there are numerous trails following these ecological corridors, allowing direct contact with the surrounding nature. The GRZ- Zêzere Grand Route is a multimodal route for walking, mountain biking and canoeing. From the spring of the Zêzere river, in Estrela Mountain, to its estuary at Constância, it is an unforgettable 370 km journey along this wild river, with deviations to the Aldeias do Xisto and other places of interest in the area.

Why choose Aldeias do Xisto?

Aldeias do Xisto are the gateway to a wonderful land with diversified tourism and leisure opportunities in close contact with nature and the region’s cultural traditions. For those who love to walk there are more than 600Km of duly certified walking routes. Runners can test themselves on the trails of the Aldeias do Xisto Trail running Centre.  In summer, the network of river beaches offers refreshment and tranquillity in the country’s purest waters. In the Aldeias do Xisto shops you will find full flavour-filled products along with contemporary and traditional craftwork. And – speaking of flavours – prepare yourself for unforgettable experiences, as our restaurants take the regional gastronomy to a new level of excellence. Explore our events calendar, there is always something surprising and innovative going on around here, a jazz or fado concert, a traditional carnival or a sporting activity. And, at the end of the day, relax in comfortable village accommodation. When you wake up you will want to start all over again.

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